Find our Weekly Soups & Lunch Specials

We always consider what’s fresh and in-season when designing our delicious specials!

Weekday Specials

Monday June 28

Closed due to extreme heat

Tuesday June 29

Special: Spinach Pear & Blue Cheese Salad with toasted walnuts & tarragon dressing

Soups: Turkey Chili

Wednesday June 30

Special: Orange Cranberry Chicken Salad on a croissant

Soups: Greek Lemon Chicken or Tomato Florentine

Thursday July 1

Special: BBQ Pork & Slaw on a hoagie

Soups:  Navy Bean & Ham or Cheesy Broccoli

Friday July 2

Special: Greek Tuna Salad

Soups: French Onion or Spicy Black Bean





Weekend Specials

Saturday: Closed for now.

Sunday: Closed


Croque Madame

Specials are updated weekly. Last minute changes are sometimes made.