The Best Breakfast & Brunch in Everett WA

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Daily Breakfast

Saturday menu – See Below

Daily Breakfast 

  • Granola with fruit and yogurt $6.50
  • Hot Oatmeal with brown sugar & milk $5.00 (raisins & almonds $.50 each extra)
  • Breakfast Sandwich on a Croissant or Bagel $6.50
  • Quiche $6.50
  • Biscuits & Gravy (served until 11 am only) $6.50
  • Breakfast Burrito with scrambled egg and cheddar with bacon, ham or sausage $6.00


Saturday Breakfast

Not currently available due to COVID-19

8 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. Saturday

Country Breakfast Bowl                             $10.50
Country potatoes topped with scrambled eggs, sausage and ham, cheddar cheese, green onions, and sour cream with toast or biscuit & jam.

Everyday Breakfast                                      $9.25
Two eggs, any style, country potatoes, choice of bacon or links with toast or biscuit with jam

Country Biscuits & Gravy                            $9.25
All from scratch - two buttermilk biscuits covered with our own pork sausage gravy, two eggs any style, and homemade country potatoes.

Two Biscuits and Gravy                                 $6.50

Joe’s Scramble                                              $10.00
Sausage, onions and spinach topped with parmesan cheese and fresh tomatoes. Served with country potatoes & choice of toast or biscuit & jam                               

Includes country potatoes and toast or biscuit & jam

Ham & Cheddar                                            $10.00

Bacon, Mushroom and Swiss                      $10.50

Denver                                                          $10.25
Diced ham, sauteed red and green peppers, onion and cheddar cheese

Vegetarian Harvest                                      $10.50
Seasonal vegetables with Monterey cheese, topped with guacamole, sour cream & scallions

Breakfast Croissant or Bagel                         $6.00
Bacon or ham with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese, on your choice of a house-made croissant  or bagel

Quiche                                                             $6.50
Tomato Feta & Pesto; Veggie (carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, onion); Sausage, Mushroom & Fennel; Lorraine (bacon, onion, spinach); Tomato Bacon Cheddar

Petite Sweet Granola                                      $6.50
A cup of our house made granola served with seasonal fresh fruit and a honey-sweetened yogurt.

Breakfast Burrito                                             $6.00
Your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham with scrambled eggs and cheddar wrapped in a flour tortilla with salsa on the side.

Oatmeal                                                             $5.00
Served with milk and brown sugar on the side
Add raisins, toasted nuts                                  .50 ea

Two eggs, any style                           $2.50
Bacon, portion of three                    $ 3.50
Link Sausage, portion of three          $3.50
Toast, two pieces                               $2.00
Cup of sausage gravy                          $3.50
Cup of seasonal fruit salad                 $4.00

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Espresso & Other Beverages

Espresso drink sizes    12oz.    16oz.     20 oz

Americano                  $2.25      $2.75

Latte or Cappuccino    $3.25      $3.50      $3.75

Mocha                         $3.50      $3.75      $4.00

Hot Cocoa or Steamer  $2.25      $2.75      $3.25

Italian Soda -               $3.00      $3.50      $4.00

Two shots standard. Extra shot or flavor add .50 ea.

Non Dairy Milk Options add .50 - Almond, Oat or Coconut


Brewed Coffee - $2.00 (free in-house refills)

Hot Tea or Iced Tea -     $1.80 (free refills)

Coke Drinks,   Mexican Coke

Minute Maid Lemonade or Fruit Juice

San Pellegrino,  Fresca, Fanta

Organic Honest Teas

Vitamin Waters