A Dream Come True

Sherie Rzeczkowski realized one of her life-long dreams with the February 2010 opening of Petite Sweet Bakery

Since her first high school job, making bagels in her neighborhood bakery, Sherie has nurtured a love for baking and making people happy when then eat something delicious.

Sherie was inspired by her Danish aunt, who continues to share her baking secrets. She also inherited her family’s love for growing fresh fruits and vegetables; she also raises chickens for their fresh eggs.

Joe Rzeczkowski usually may be found behind the counter making espresso drinks and taking lunch orders. He does his enthusiastic best to sell you not one but a dozen fresh-baked pastries or cookies.. or else he is making a pot of Hungarian mushroom soup, creamy clam chowder or hearty beef stew.”

His first job, as a short-order cook with Fred Harvey Restaurants, taught him that travelers want three things: hot coffee, good food and fast, friendly service.

Joe discovered the Pacific Northwest in 1972 while stationed at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station. He never left.